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20 passenger party bus

20 Passenger Party Bus

The smallest party bus in our fleet, this classy little bus is a great option for smaller groups for special events. While it is small on size, it is still big on amenities.

pink bus interior

24 Passenger Party Bus

Our rugged 20 Passenger party bus for large groups can accommodate up to 20 passengers. It is the epitome of class and will have your group wanting to never leave!

big party bus

40 Passenger Party Bus

We've pulled out all the stops with this bus. The largest of our fleet, it can accommodate up to 28 or large groups. You'll have plenty of room for all of your friends!

Great stereo systems

Flat screen TVs

Drink coolers

USB compatible

Omaha, NEbraska

Valuable transportation from the highest-rated company

Our guests are welcome to take our vehicles all around the Omaha area. You can head downtown to the Old Market, head to Lincoln for a Cornhuskers game, take the family to the Henry Doorly Zoo, arrive in style to your wedding party, check out the Omaha music scene, or have a memorable experience in a bachelorette party! You won't believe all you can do when you rent a party bus or limousine for special occasions in Omaha, NE!.

Enjoy the excitement of party bus & limousine luxury!

It's intensely exciting to travel in a party bus, especially if it's your first time, and to know that you're the one that rented it and is responsible for the fantastic time you're all having is that much more rewarding. Maybe you've fallen out of touch with some of your good friends and would like to make it up to them with a night out on the town. Forget your mobile device, there is no better way to do so than in one of our vehicles. Can you imagine surprising them with a sweet ride around Omaha, NE, like this? It'll make up for all that lost time, and so will the great conversations that you'll have as you travel. Omaha party bus is a great option for your transportation needs.

It's so comfortable, not at all like riding in a conventional car together. You can see each other face to face, have a fantastic time with a memorable experience, enjoy the premium sound system, relax in leather seating or watch amazing videos on a flat-screen television or enjoy other entertainment features, even chug a beer or sip a cocktail. It's the most relaxing way to travel and also the most fun, easily customized to any special event and anyone's personal style. We think you'll really be impressed with everything that our highest rated company has to offer and we suggest that you take some time to browse our site from top to bottom,from any mobile device or other devices. It'll fill you in on all the enticing details and really help you understand why there is no better way of transport than a party bus in Omaha, NE!

flat screen television in a party bus
Welcome to Omaha Party Bus

Rent your party bus or limo here!

Omaha is a midwestern city full of hardworking people that deserve to have a fantastic time. Omaha Party Bus wants to be a part of that! We have a large fleet of modern party buses that are designed to keep the party going. Color-changing LED lights, perimeter leather seating, flat-screen television on every wall, a state-of-the-art sound system, built-in bars, wooden floors, and dance poles give them a cool nightclub atmosphere for a memorable experience. We know you are going to love them at your next special event!

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We're here to answer your questions for any kind of special occasions that you imagine

The quickest way to get a price quote would be to call us. But, if you're the type that wants things in writing, then simply fill out the form at the bottom of this (or any) page, from any mobile device or laptop, and we'll get back to you asap.

Everyone, regardless of age, is welcome to ride on our party buses. However, no passengers under 21 are allowed to have alcoholic beverages.

Why yes you can! We happily travel all around the wonderful state of Nebraska. There may be some additional fuel charges, depending on where you go, but we cover those fees up front with you, before you pay a single cent.

We are open and pleased to assist you with all your holiday plans. Our party buses run 24/7, 365 days a year.

party bus interior
For all special events in Omaha, NE

Omaha Party Bus - Here to help you enjoy life a little more!

Just imagine celebrating an elegant wedding party or a bachelorette party with us or hitting the road for a night of bar hopping. As we mentioned above, concerts are a blast when you travel with us, skipping the traffic, enjoying videos of your favorite band on a flat-screen television and our high-quality sound system and parking hassles, and just focusing on the show. We might also suggest taking advantage of our services for a winery tour or an art gallery tour, or a combination of both! Get your culture fix and enjoy sipping delicious wines in our leather seating while you do so. We serve everything from small and intimate personal special events to large business events, and everything in between, so don't be shy to reach out to us for your more unique get-togethers. We're happy to take you anywhere you need to go and create a memorable experience!

We live in a world where we all work too hard and rarely get to let our hair down and just have a fantastic time. Don't you deserve a night of frivolity and fun, just living it up on our gorgeous Omaha, NE streets in a vehicle that will make all the passersby envious? We think so! And we think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how affordable our party buses really are. Particularly if you split the cost among your fellow partygoers! That's a great option among our customers and it really minimizes the cost while making everyone in your party feel happily responsible for an amazing night! Believe it or not, splitting the cost with them can be a bit of a gift for large groups. You share the expense, you share the fun, and no one has to be the dreaded designated driver!

Enjoy your special occasions in Omaha, NE, in a party bus or limo!

wedding party

Omaha Weddings

Celebrate in style! Throw away the hassle of traffic, and enjoy your day to it's fullest!

Omaha Parties

There's no reason to stress about getting there, when you can sit back and simply enjoy!
bachelorette party

Omaha Proms

Leave driving out of their hands, and in the hands of a consummate professional Omaha chauffeur!










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